News - Amonoy oxygen machine CMEF autumn show

Amonoy oxygen machine CMEF autumn show

The China International Medical Equipment Fair(CMEF), a medical equipment exhibition, brings together international medical equipment brands to connect with globally licensed medical equipment distributors, resellers, manufacturers, doctors, regulators and government agencies.

Showcase new-to-worldwide market innovative products and solutions, establish partnership with local and overseas distributors, collaborate on manufacturing of Southeast Asia and even the world, learn how to navigate the complexity of the regulated market as well as build your network via our face-to-face online/offline meeting concierge service at CMEF.

Brands under Hefei Amonoy Environmental Medical Equipment Co. :AMONOY、MEIZHIYANG all exhibitors.Amonoy brand in Tmall, Jingdong Mall, overseas export market mainly.MEIZHIYANG adhering to the concept of healthy oxygen and beautiful oxygen,Amonoy Environmental Medical Company focuses on devoting itself to the cause of life and health. Quality and innovation are driven by two wheels, products and services are closely integrated, and we strive to make every customer get satisfaction and health.

With the theme of “innovative technology and smart leading the future”, this CMEF and series of exhibitions held a grand meeting in the medical industry. Nearly 5000 brand enterprises from the whole industrial chain of medical devices at home and abroad gathered here to witness the new future of the industry.

At the same time, the medical device product line held a seminar with the theme of “knowledge sharing meeting on similarities and differences of international certification and testing of active medical devices”. The seminar, with experts from the medical device product line as lecturers, comprehensively explained how enterprises should meet the requirements of policies and regulations from two aspects: the interpretation of the provisions on self inspection of medical device registration (Exposure Draft) and the main differences between the current versions of active medical devices at home and abroad. The meeting attracted nearly 100 enterprises to participate, and the participants responded enthusiastically and said that they had benefited a lot.

At present, sub-health is the focus of the family medical industry. Alleviating and preventing sub-health is also a market with fast development prospects for the family medical and health industry. Amonoy oxygen generator can filter harmful substances in the air, promote human metabolism and keep the human body away from sub-health.


Post time: Jun-03-2019