News - What is the standard of medical oxygen machine .Why 93% is considered qualified?

Medical oxygen machine must be 3 liters machine, new machine factory oxygen concentration must be in greater than or equal to 90% or more, after use when the oxygen concentration is lower than 82%, must be replaced molecular sieve. In addition, the state requirements for medical oxygen machines must be with oxygen concentration indication and failure indication alarm these two functions to remind the user.

So, why oxygen concentration of oxygen machine must reach 93% to be qualified, this is because in the use of medical oxygen machine oxygen, at the same time will also inhale part of the air containing 20.98% oxygen purity, so that the real inhalation of oxygen concentration will also be diluted. According to the test, the general oxygen concentration in the throat is only about 45%. In accordance with the structural characteristics of the human body, the inhalation of oxygen to go through 32 levels of decay process, in fact, the real down, 93% of the oxygen concentration, the human body after the use of oxygen is only about 30% of the oxygen concentration. Therefore, in order to ensure that patients can normally receive oxygen-assisted treatment, oxygen concentration must reach 93% or equal to 93%, in order to ensure that the patient’s oxygen needs.

In recent years, due to the development of modern urbanization, the air quality around people is getting worse and worse. More and more people begin to come into contact with some words, such as oxygen therapy, oxygen bar, etc. Oxygen therapy is a very extensive medical means in modern medicine. Its main effect is to correct the body’s hypoxia caused by various external or internal factors, so as to achieve the purpose of treating diseases. Once the factors of human hypoxia are removed, oxygen inhalation can be stopped without adverse reactions to the body. If many human diseases such as emphysema, coronary heart disease and cerebral hemorrhage are irreversible, oxygen therapy must be carried out for a long time, but it does not mean that the human body will become addicted to oxygen.Amonoy oxygen generator can help realize oxygen therapy at home without leaving home.

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Post time: Nov-29-2021