News - What Types of Nebulizers Are Best For You?

Many people with asthma use nebulizers. Along with inhalers, they are a viable way of inhaling respiratory medicines. Unlike in the past, there are many types of nebulizers to choose from today. With so many options, what type of nebulizer is best for you? Here’s what to know.

What is a nebulizer?

They are also referred to as small volume nebulizers (SVN). This means they deliver a small volume of medicine. This usually consists of one dose of one or more medicine solutions. SVNs turn the solution into a mist for inhaling. They allow you to take breathing treatments. Treatment times vary from 5-20 minutes, depending on the nebulizer type you are using.

Jet nebulizer

This is the most common nebulizer type. They consist of a nebulizer cup attached to a mouthpiece. The bottom of the cup consists of a tiny opening. Oxygen tubing is attached to the bottom of the cup. The other end of the tubing is attached to a compressed air source. At home, this source is usually a nebulizer air compressor. A flow of air enters the opening at the bottom of the cup. This turns the solution into a mist. You can purchase individual nebulizers for less than $5. Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance will cover the cost with a prescription.

Nebulizer compressor

If you need a nebulizer at home, you will need a nebulizer air compressor. They are powered by electricity or battery. They draw in room air and compress it. This creates a flow of air that can be used to run nebulizers. Most nebulizers compressors come with a nebulizer. They are referred to as nebulizer/compressor systems, or simply nebulizer systems.

Tabletop nebulizer system

This is a nebulizer air compressor plus nebulizer. They sit on a tabletop and require electricity. These are the most basic jet nebulizer units.

They have been around for many years. Therefore, they tend to be the least expensive units. Medicare and most insurance will usually reimburse you for these if you have a prescription for one. You can also purchase them without a prescription at online shops like Amazon. They are very affordable, costing $50 or less.

They cannot be used without an electricity source. They require tubing. The compressors are relatively loud. This can be inconvenient when taking treatments at night.


Post time: Sep-02-2022