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1L-7B adjustable,high-concentration oxygen production(≥90% 1L),smaller and more convenient ,oxygen visible,household,just 6KG,large screen safer to see,support 220V/110V 50HZ/60HZ

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  • Item: ZY-1BW
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Power: 220/110V
  • Capacity: 120VA
  • Oxygen Purity: 90%±3%(1L)
  • Oxygen Flow: Can Be Adjusted (1-6L)
  • Size: 210*215*305 (mm)
  • Characteristic: Counts, Atomization Intelligent voice, Purity monitring Multiple muffler, Remote control
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    ZY-1B Provide you with oxygen with more than 90% oxygen concentration stably, and use high-quality molecular sieve to provide maximum utilization rate and ensure oxygen quality. Intelligent alarm mechanism: overload protection, insufficient oxygen concentration alarm and low flow alarm. Large screen display and real-time monitoring of oxygen concentration make it more convenient for the elderly to view, improve the operation experience, and prevent misoperation more safely. Remote control, remote control can realize “one key operation”. Timed oxygen generation mode: you can flexibly set the use time according to your own needs, and view the single and continuous use time at the same time. Newly upgraded surround air duct design, longer air duct forms resistant silencing, and the sound is as low as 60dB, which greatly improves the comfort of oxygen absorption.

    Take the machine out of the carton and eradicate the material of package. The right hand holds down the oxygen generator,pulls out the wet cup in the direction of the icon,pulls out the top cap,adds cold water,and the water level can not exceed the highest indicator line(the wet cup does not add water,but also produces oxygen,adding water,humidifies the role of oxygen,No effect on oxygen production).Tighten the wet bottle cap and reload it into the machine (wet bottle foot pointed at the machines shell hole). Connect the power cord:Make sure the machine is cloesd,connect one end of the power cord to the other end to the socket,and do not use the power extension line.


    item value
    Place of Origin China
    Model Number ZY-1B
    Instrument classification Class II
    Warranty 1 Year
    After-sale Service Online technical support
    Type Home health care
    Display Control LCD Touch Screen
    Input Power 120VA
    Oxygen Concentration 30%-90%
    Operating Noise 60dB(A)
    Weight 7KG
    size 210*215*305mm
    Adjustment 1-7L
    Material ABS
    Certificate CE ISO

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