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1L-8L adjustable,high-concentration oxygen production(≥90% 8L),convenient to remove,oxygen visible,Medical equipment,large screen safer to see,support 220V/110V 50HZ/60HZ,340*345*725(mm)

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Product technical indicators:

1.The maximum recommended flow:8 L/min

2.The flow range of nominal pressure of 7kPa: 0.5-8 L/min

3.The flow rate change under the maximum recommended flow rate with the back pressure of 7kPa: smaller 1L/min

4.Oxygen concentration when the nominal pressure of the outlet is zero(the specified concentration level is reached within 30 min after the initial start-up): The oxygen concentration is 93% ± 3% at the oxygen flow rate of 8L/min.

5.The output pressure: 30-70kPa

6.Release pressure of compressor safety valve: 250 kPa ± 50 kPa.

7.Machine noise:<60dB(A)

8.Power supply:AC230V/50Hz or AC110/60Hz or AC220V/60Hz

9.Input power:550VA

10.Net weight: about 29KG


12.Altitude: The oxygen concentration dose not reduce at 1828 meters above sea level, and the efficiency is less than 90% from 1828 meters to 4000 meters.

13.Security system.

14.Minimum working time: no less than 30 minutes

15.Electrical classification: Class II equipment, Type B application part

16.Character of service: Continuous operation

17.Normal working environment: Ambient temperature range: 10℃-40℃; Relative humidity ≤80%; Atmospheric pressure range: 860hPa – 1060hPa; Note:The equipment should be placed in normal working environment for more than four hours before use when the storage temperature is lower than 5℃.

18.Temperature of oxygen outlet ≤ 46℃.

19.Recommendation: The length of the oxygen tube should not exceed 15.2 meters and cannot be folded;

20.Ingress protection rating: IPXO

21.Device type: Non-AP/APG device (cannot be used in the presence of flammable anesthetic gas mixed with air of flammable anesthetic gas mixed with oxygen or methylene).


item value
Place of Origin China
Model Number ZY-8AW
Instrument classification Class II
Warranty 1 Year
After-sale Service Online technical support
Type Home health care
Display Control LCD Touch Screen
Input Power 550VA
Oxygen Concentration 30%-90%
Operating Noise 60dB(A)
Weight 29KG
size 340*345*725mm
Adjustment 1-8L
Material ABS
Certificate CE ISO



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