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ZY-10Z The oxygen produced by ordinary medical oxygen machines will be partially diluted, which does not meet the needs of patients with severe hypoxemia. It is suggested to choose 10 copter to quickly raise oxygen saturation and remove carbon dioxide by ventilator, which can relieve symptoms quickly. Compared with ordinary medical oxygen machines on the market, the effect of 10 liter oxygen machines is several times better.The flow rate can be adjusted from 1-10 liters, oxygen concentration can reach 95%, and the performance is still stable for 10000 hours.Amonoy high performance oil free compressor, large displacement noise reduction oil free compressor in reduce the operation noise at the same time continue to provide sufficient power, non-stop operation.Increase the amount of imported lithium molecular sieve from the United States, the quality of imported molecular sieve is stronger, the stability of durability is improved several times, and the service life is greatly extended.Double oxygen absorption mode: equipped with double humidifying cup, oxygen absorption is not dry at the same time, one machine is used at the top of two, equivalent to two medical 5L oxygen generators, realizing 1+1 > 2.High-end display screen: LED full-screen touch operation, real-time display of oxygen concentration, timing function, free setting of oxygen inhalation time, one-button startup, single oxygen inhalation time and cumulative timing at a glance.10L oxygen inhalation more comfortable: increase the flow of oxygen inhalation more comfortable, faster oxygen absorption, performance improved by 50%, the effect is better with the ventilator, oxygen will be diluted when used with the ventilator, high flow oxygen is more suitable for moderate and severe hypoxia patients, rapid discharge of carbon dioxide.Multiple fault alarm: low oxygen concentration, power failure alarm, low flow alarm, compressor fault alarm, etc.Timing function: set the timing time, you can control the time freely, neither worry about oxygen timeout, nor need to get up and shut down.360° rotating roller, universal roller, machine movement more time and energy saving.


Product name Oxygen Concentrator
Application Household grade
Color Black and white
Weight 7kg
Size 28*19.2*30CM
Material ABS
Shape Cuboid
Other 1-7l flow can be adjusted

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