China ZY-5A Lowest price CE Approved Oxygen Generator O2 Concentrator with Small Power for Medical Equipment 5L factory and manufacturers | Yameina

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High definition larger screen display,voice broadcast,original imported molecular sieve,design of portable handle,easy replacement of filter felt,design of antiskid foot pad,low noise,operation alarm

Parametric performance

  • Param Item: ZY-5AW
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Power: 230/110V
  • Capacity: 400VA
  • Oxygen Purity: 93%土3% (0.5-5L)
  • Oxygen Flow: Can Be Adjusted (0.5-5L)
  • Size: 400*380* 770(mm)
  • Characteristic: Humanized display screen,Atomization, Timing,Purity monitoring,remote control,etc.
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    Product Features:

    Yamena oxygen generator, zy-5AW small medical oxygen generator, can be used by adding an appropriate amount of purified water, intelligent touch screen, sensitive operation, humanized voice broadcasting, simple to use, easy to learn, imported molecular sieve combined with eight stage filtration system to bring refined high-purity oxygen, complete accessories, support oxygen inhalation mode, and can work continuously for 48 hours. One machine is multi-purpose, that is, the oxygen generator is also an atomizer. The knob type flow regulation is convenient to operate. Hidden casters, moving and fixing at the same time. Oxygen inhalation time can be set freely, and the machine will stop automatically at the appointed time. Yamena oxygen generator can produce medical grade oxygen to keep the family healthy.Smoking is prohibited during using this product.Please do not place the fire source in the room of the oxygen generator. Please do not use this product without reading the instructions, you can contact the manufacture or technical personnel.Noted:please do arrange another machine to ready if this machine stop or break. Do not move the machine by pulling the power cord. Do not drop and plug foreign objects to the exit. Recommended use of standard nasal tube when you do not use the machine,please unplug the power supply.The oxygen distribution kit is used with the following accessories: Humidifying cup + tube – 1 pc.;Atomization suit   - 1 PC.;Air filter  - 1 piece.; Oxygen mask 1PC:Nasal suction tube – 1 piece.;Hepa Filter – 1 piece.;Power cable – 1 set.


    Model Number ZY-5AW
    Warranty 1 Year
    After-sale Service Online technical support
    Product name Oxygen Concentrator
    Application Medical grade
    Color White+Black
    MOQ 100pcs
    Weight 24KG
    Function Health Care
    Keywords Oxygen Concentrator Machine
    Size 30.5*30.8*68CM

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