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Short Description:

Product name: small medical oxygen generator
Product model specification: ZY-10FW
Factory number, production date: see product label

Product Detail

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Product technical indicators:

1 Maximum recommended flow rate: 10L/min

2 Flow range when the outlet nominal pressure is 7kPa: 1–10L/min

3 When the maximum recommended flow rate is applied, a back pressure of 7kPa is applied, and the flow rate changes: bigger 1L/min

4 The oxygen concentration when outlet nominal pressure is zero (reach the specified concentration level within 30 minutes of initial startup): oxygen flow rate 1–10L/min, oxygen concentration: 93%

5 Output pressure: 30–70kPa

6 Compressor relief valve release pressure:250kPa

7 Noise of the whole machine: bigger 60dB(A)

8 Power supply: AC220V/50HZ, AC220V/60HZ,AC110V/50HZ,AC110V/60HZ (options)

9 Input power: 550VA

10 G.w: 32KG

11 Net weight: about 29KG

12 Dimension: 364*385*731 mm


Product name Oxygen Concentrator
Application Household grade
Color Black and white
Weight 7kg
Size 28*19.2*30CM
Material ABS
Shape Cuboid
Other 1-7l flow can be adjusted

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