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93%±3% (1L-5L oxygen flow) oxygen,professional assembly line production,low to 42dB,convenient for pregnant women, the elderly and other groups to use,CE ISO,eight-fold enhanced filtration device,high-definition screen – HD LED screen,Low noise oil-free compressor,PSA oxygen method

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ZY-5Z: Z series is equipped with MCU chip purity system, making oxygen purer and quieter.Professional medical oxygen generator: oxygen concentration up to 93%±3% (1L-5L oxygen flow) oxygen stable in line with medical grade standards, you can enjoy professional oxygen treatment services at home.Professional assembly line production: the company has 4 automatic production lines, more than 20 professional R & D team, annual production capacity of medical oxygen generator 300,000 units, annual output value of more than 200 million yuan, has passed 13485 international medical quality management system and CE certification.Oxygenmakingisquiet: the Oxygenmakingisquiet is Oxygenmakingisquiet by new technology, the sound is low to 42dB, it does not disturb your rest and life (the measured sound is low to 42dB only equal to the sound of fans, it does not disturb sleep).Choose 5L oxygen generator: 5L oxygen generator is 5 times of 1L oxygen generator under the same oxygen concentration, and it has more significant effect on the hypoxia symptoms of emphysema, copd and other diseases.Aerator atomizer: one machine can be used in two ways to meet the dual needs of users for oxygen production and atomization, with fine atomized particles.Low noise oil-free compressor: technology upgrade, oil-free compressor adopts composite material, the oxygen is cleaner, provide continuous surging power for oxygen generator, stable oxygen, high concentration, long service life.Eight-stage filtration: eight-fold enhanced filtration device, deep filtration of harmful substances in the air, with the humidification cup, high purity of comfortable oxygen.Humanization design: to make an appointment time function, a key boot operation more convenient, universal wheel design mobile convenience, hidden in the cup, wet process can see water, elegant and beautiful, high-definition screen – HD LED screen, real-time display machine work time and work time, more efficient control of oxygen concentration and flow rate, the length and other key information.Voice broadcast: voice broadcast to prevent misoperation, with remote control, bring more convenient experience, convenient for pregnant women, the elderly and other groups to use.High efficiency molecular sieve: physical production of oxygen, with air as raw material, PSA oxygen method from nature to extract pure oxygen, oxygen concentration is high, long service life.


item value
Place of Origin China
Brand Name AMONOY
Model Number ZY-5ZW
Instrument classification Class II
Warranty 1 Year
After-sale Service Online technical support
Product name ZY-5ZW
Function Health Care
Color White
Keywords Oxygen Concentrator Machine
Certificate CE ISO
Weight 22KG
Power supply 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz
Purity 93% Oxygen Purity
Oxygen flow 1L -5L/min Adjustable
Net Weight 20KG

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